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Ottawa Centertown Location, 50 Florence Street
(plenty of street parking available)

Marinus van Aarle - Manual Osteopath

I started practising Osteopathy in 2016.

Since 2017 I have my own Clinic in Centretown Ottawa.

Now branching out to Stittsville / Kanata area and expanding my team.

I use a very effective and no-nonsense approach to Osteopathy (with numerous reviews to show for it).


My treatment is covered by Canada Life (Government Employees).

60 Minute Treatment = $166 + HST

30 Minute Treatment = $85 + HST

90 Minute Treatment = $ 249 + HST

Languages spoken: English, Dutch

Claudia Hoyos - Manual Osteopath

Claudia's intention with each treatment is to offer the best options for each person who comes to see me.

As a Manual Osteopath and yoga teacher, she has trained to listen to the body, recognize the root of the ailment, and find the best avenue of treatment to release tension, pain, and stress. After the treatment, you will be more relaxed, feel less stressed, and regain energy and balance once again.


Manual osteopathy is a world-renowned drug-free therapy that allows the body to gently stretch and release tension. Osteopathy offers a wide variety of practical techniques that will improve circulation, range of motion and reduce inflammation.

Claudia is currently also studying massage therapy.


Claudia is  looking forward to being a part of your journey to a pain-free life!

60 Minute Treatment = $155 + HST

45 Minute Treatment = $120 + HST

90 Minute Treatment = $232.5 + HST

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Ghassan Al-Tabba - Manual Osteopath

Ghassan received his PhD in physical Education and Sport while in Ukraine 1998.
His passion for knowledge his led him to continue his education in health care .
Ghassan Manual osteopath, FST provider ( Fascial Stretch therapy ).
FST is a series of movements created to separate and organize the many connective tissue layers surrounding the muscles, joints, organs, and bones. It incorporates breathing techniques and traction while taking joints to their available pain free range. Gentle muscle contraction may also be used to achieve length and decrease tone in muscle.
Some of the benefits of FST are: improved flexibility, improvements in strength, improved balance, improved coordination, improvements in alignment, correction of pelvic rotations
And an overall better quality of life.
Ghassan is also Graston Specialist Certified and specialized in in Formthotics, a quick and easy alternative to traditional Orthotics. His other certification include Exercise therapy Association Level 2 and acupuncture/ dry needling. He is an FMT mobility specialist, personal trainer specialist ( Canfitpro ) .
In his youth, Ghassan was a professional Water-polo Player. Later, he coached at the Competitive level for both Syria and the Ukraine. He has a keen interest in swimming and Water-polo specific injuries.
Ghassan has over 20 years experience with Athletes  in over 10 modalities which also includes cupping, ultrasound, laser therapy, tens therapy, acupuncture.
Ghassan uses osteopathy technique dealing with chronic pain and TMJ condition.


60 Minute Treatment = $155 + HST

45 Minute Treatment = $120 + HST

90 Minute Treatment = $232.5 + HST

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Russian

Janice Wiggins - Registered Natural Nutritional Practitioner (NNCP)
Headshot 2021.jpg

Janice is passionate about helping people optimize their health so they can live the life of their dreams.

As a registered natural nutritional practitioner (NNCP), with specialized
training as a Sport Nutritionist, Health Coach and Exercise Coach, she has helped hundreds of clients find a healthy balance in their lives using a holistic approach that encompasses nutrition, sleep, movement, and lifestyle.

Janice’s motto is “work smarter, not harder” and she loves sharing tips and tricks she has learned from her years of studies, as well as from overcoming her own personal health struggles, to get her clients feeling on form. She centers her nutritional approach on nourishing whole foods that fuel the body and has vast experience creating personalized nutrition plans that range from highlighting basic nutrition principles through to specialized
therapeutic nutrition and body composition coaching.

- Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment (60min) = $150 + HST

- Couples Nutrition &Lifestyle Assessment (75min) = $200 + HST

- Nutrition & Lifestyle Personalized Plan (60 min) = $175 + HST

- Couples Nutrition & Lifestyle Personalized Plan (60 min) = $225 + HST

- Single Coaching Session (30min) = $50 +HST

- Single Coaching session (50 minutes) = $75 +HST

Janice offers virtual and in-person sessions at both the Ottawa and the Stittsville location.

60 Minutes Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment is a good starting point (see Booking System), or contact Janice for more information at

We Service Kanata, Stittville and surrounding area for Osteopathy, Nutrition, Reflexology, Herbalism

and Reiki treatment

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