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Ghassan Al-Tabba - Manual Osteopath

Updated: Jan 8

Ghassan has joined Balanced Life Osteopathy at the Ottawa and Stittville location and is available in Ottawa on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and in Stittsville on Saturday and Sunday.

Ghassan received his PhD in physical Education and Sport while in Ukraine 1998.

His passion for knowledge his led him to continue his education in health care .

Ghassan Manual osteopath, FST provider ( Fascial Stretch therapy ).

FST is a series of movements created to separate and organize the many connective tissue layers surrounding the muscles, joints, organs, and bones. It incorporates breathing techniques and traction while taking joints to their available pain free range. Gentle muscle contraction may also be used to achieve length and decrease tone in muscle.

Some of the benefits of FST are: improved flexibility, improvements in strength, improved balance, improved coordination, improvements in alignment, correction of pelvic rotations

And an overall better quality of life.

Ghassan is also Graston Specialist Certified and specialized in in Formthotics, a quick and easy alternative to traditional Orthotics. His other certification include Exercise therapy Association Level 2 and acupuncture/ dry needling. He is an FMT mobility specialist, personal trainer specialist ( Canfitpro ) .

In his youth, Ghassan was a professional Water-polo Player. Later, he coached at the Competitive level for both Syria and the Ukraine. He has a keen interest in swimming and Water-polo specific injuries.

Ghassan has over 20 years experience with Athletes in over 10 modalities which also includes cupping, ultrasound, laser therapy, tens therapy, acupuncture.

Ghassan uses osteopathy technique dealing with chronic pain and TMJ condition.

Languages spoken: English, Arabic and Russian.


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